He and She Said:

Hello dear friends, and goodbye.

It’s been a pleasure in so many ways to share our thoughts and experiences over the last several years, and we have been humbled by the interest and the kind words of each of you who decided for some reason to fit our ramblings into the framework of your busy lives.

We started this project as a means of documenting what we were cooking and where we were eating, and it grew and changed over the years, probably sometimes in ways some of you didn’t prefer. We’ll admit that there was never a master plan. But we’ll also tell you that this has been a labor of love in every sense of the term. Our writing may not have always been as good as you would have wished it to be, but we took the process of putting pen to paper (metaphorically) with dead seriousness, and we are proud today to look back on what we produced and note that very rarely did we just mail one in. Most of the time we did our best.

Life changes, doesn’t it? For us as for all of you. And thus we’ve concluded we are at the end of our road as He Said/She Said NOLA. Feel free to blame Yoko if you need to.

Surely there will be other writing in the future. Other projects. What form those will take is a question yet to be answered. But we’ll maintain this domain for awhile, and when/if either of us embark on something new, we’ll let you know on this page so you can decide whether to come along for the ride.

Much love to all of you; you have our unending gratitude.


Steve and Sheree


8 responses to “Farewell

  1. Awwww. Thanks for the many, many, MANY helpful and informative posts. Sad to see you go, but completely understand. Much love from all of us at NewinNOLA.com.

  2. I will miss y’all!


  3. Classy. Sorry to see the blog go. Bruno

  4. You 2 have shared such great insight in to our favorite city!! You will be missed in Mississippi.

    The Bices


  5. As a New Orleanian living in Dallas, I will miss your posts and the connection they gave me to home.

  6. Rhoda Dianne Yawn

    Sheree and Steve,
    Oh no! I have repeatedly come back here in hopes of a new post! I have adored your work from the moment I stumbled across your equisite writing.
    Just know, you’ll be terribly missed. Seriously.
    I’ll look for new writings with great anticipation! With many other fans, I am sure!
    All the best!

  7. what?? I just found this blog. please reconsider. i am an expat and need this kind of home-cooked love.

  8. Ron and Debbie Gagne

    Hi Folks, just got back from Paris. Hope to see you soon over the holidays. Love Ron and Debbie Gagne

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